Best Futsal Balls on the Market

Buying a futsal ball should be a pretty straightforward job. Right?

You go to a sports shop, and you ask the seller to sell you a futsal ball. In most cases, that’s it. He will grab the one that brings him the most commission and will tell you that this is the best one money can buy.

He can even claim that Messi and Christiano Ronaldo have that same model, pros use that particular model for games, and so on. Pretty much anything to make you buy it.

However, if you don’t trust sellers, and if you want to learn how to buy an excellent futsal ball, what makes it different than soccer balls, and which ball models from which brands are worth considering, keep on reading.

The Anatomy of a Futsal Ball

First and most important of all, there is a big difference between futsal and soccer balls. Futsal balls are smaller, they bounce less than soccer balls, and is much denser.

According to FIFA standards, the Futsal ball needs to be size 4, to weigh between 410 and 430 grams, and a diameter between 63.5 and 66 cm.

Top 5 Best Futsal Balls on the Market

Next is a selection of the best futsal balls on the market. They are the best futsal balls from five different brands. What’s common for all five is that they all have a constant flow of positive reviews.

#1 Nike Premier X Futsal Soccer Ball (White/Anthracite/Opti Yellow) (Pro)

This futsal ball is made of 4% cotton, 17% polyurethane, 27% rubber, and 52% polyester. It’s abrasion-resistant and hand-sewn. Most players that bought this ball describe it as easy to read and a very durable futsal ball that is easy to control.

#2 Senda Rio Premium Training Low-Bounce Futsal Ball, Fair Trade Certified

This low-bounce futsal ball from Senda is made for futsal play on wooden and hard court floors. To that end, it features a special foam for a softer touch. Furthermore, it incorporates synthetic and rubber materials for less reinflation, as well as improved air retention. The high-precision machine stitching makes stronger seams.

#3 PUMA – Men’s Futsal 1 Trainer Ms. Ball

This PUMA futsal ball rocks a great design and offers a very smooth touch. It is a machine-sewn ball featuring TPU cover with foam and polyester reinforcements. On top of that, there is a chromed TPU lining for a great look. Its dimensions are 7.6 x 7.1 x 4.7 inches.

#4 Mikasa Fsc-450 America Futsal

It is a synthetic size four futsal ball that is designed primarily for indoor use. The red, green, and yellow coloring means that you can always keep an eye on the ball at any time of the game. The Mikasa ball is machine-sewn and has a very compact appearance.

#5 Select Futsal Samba – White/Red/Green, Senior

This Samba futsal has an IMS certification 200.955, which speaks volumes about its quality. The certification is awarded for its roundness, water absorption, bounce, loss of pressure, circumference, and weight.

The legendary Eigil Nielsen created its 32-panel design in 1962. It consists of twelve pentagons and twenty hexagons. They are crucial for its roundness, controlled bounce, excellent aerodynamic properties, and straight flight.

Thanks to its butyl bladder filled with microfiber polyester, the Samba Futsal ball has a very low bounce, which is super-important for control.


As mentioned earlier, each of the reviewed balls is a subject of constant positive reviews. Also, each comes from a reputable maker. Now that you know the unique features of each product, it’s easier to choose one as per style and preferences.

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