Best Indoor Soccer & Futsal Shoes

Both indoor soccer and futsal are growing at a stunning pace as more and more children and adults are getting involved at some level. Plus, everyone loves the idea that they can play indoors and at courts that are not as big as real soccer fields.

The Difference between Indoor Soccer and Futsal

Most people fail to understand that futsal and indoor soccer are two distinctive forms of good old soccer, even though they share the same basic features and rules. There are still two teams that play against each other and try to outscore each other. No faults allowed, no kicking your opponents, each team has one goalie, and the game is divided into two half times.

But then again, futsal is played on an indoor court that has boundaries, while indoor soccer has walls. The indoor walls are part of the game, and players can use them for support. Furthermore, the futsal field is way smaller than the indoor soccer field, which is closer to classic soccer as it uses a turf field.

Another noticeable difference between indoor soccer and futsal is in the size of the ball. Futsal players use a slightly small ball that is size 4. That type of ball doesn’t bounce too much and is best for fast-paced games.

Why are good shoes important for Indoor Soccer/Futsal?

Good footwear is essential for top performance in both futsal and indoor soccer. A player can have amazing skills and excellent ball control, but he or she won’t be able to express that without proper footwear properly.

Being able to receive the ball fast, start fast sprints, stop fast after an intense sprint, continuously be moving, all that is not possible without proper footwear. At the same time, the player also needs to feel comfortable in the shoes. They can’t feel tight or press some parts of the foot on account of other more lose parts.

The best indoor soccer and futsal shoes cover all grounds.

Here is a list of some of the best ten shoes for indoor soccer & futsal on the market.

Top 10 shoes for indoor soccer & futsal

#1 Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

The Samba is a true classic that was initially made in the 50s as specialized shoes for training on frozen outdoor pitches. However, they didn’t realize at that time that they’ve made an absolute classic which will remain relevant half a century later.

The exceptional durability, lightweight design, pivot-point rubber outsole, as well as the synthetic upper leather turned out to be the perfect combination. Both amateurs and professionals love them because the shoes help to control movement on the surface easily.


They fit extremely well
Full-grain leather upper
Very comfortable

Some complaints that they feel more plastic than previous model
The glue around the sole is visible and sloppy


#2 MUNICH – Gresca 604 – Indoor Soccer/Futsal Shoe

The MUNICH indoor soccer/futsal shoes are one of the best-known in this category. Their “X” is a sign that is quite familiar to both professional and amateur players. Their excellent sole is made of 5% PVC, 20% EVA, and 75% Rubber. It is a great combination that is perfect for sudden and fast sprints, sudden changes of direction, and it feels great on the feet.


Professional Futsal Shoes
Good grip and touch
Durable material

Big sizes

#3 Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe

The Millennium is a variation of the top-rated Samba shoes by Adidas. They have all the qualities of the classic Samba running shoes, plus a few more top features like new premium grade rubber sole, 100% synthetic leather, lined insole for cushioning, and Non-marking gum for added grip. The highly breathable textile is also a nice touch that can go a long way and can help a lot with excessive sweating.


Very durable sole
Good arch support

Slightly small and narrow
Some complaints that laces are too long

#4 Nike Men’s Hypervenomx Proximo II Dynamic Fit Indoor Shoes

This is the best what Nike can offer for indoor soccer and futsal. These shoes are designed with comfort and maximum performance in mind. They feature a new level of lateral lockdown and responsive cushioning that in no way collides with the underfoot feel.

Furthermore, they come with foam pods located in the strike zone and serve to minimize impact and return energy. The overall impression is that Nike has invested a lot in the making of Hypervenomx Proximo II Dynamic Fit Indoor Shoes, and by all accounts, they did an excellent job.


Awesome design
Quality rubber sole


Small&narrow sizes


#5 Joma Men’s Dribbling ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

Joma is a brand that is well-known among soccer fans. These shoes are stylish, comfortable, yet suitable for both indoor and outside sports. The shoes come with its ventilation system for greater airflow, high-grade rubber sole, super-smooth EVA insole, fabricated nylon upper, and Texon midsole for extra durability.

All that adds up to great soccer shoes that can endure a lot of strain and pressure. That is why so many professional indoor soccer and futsal players choose Joma shoes. The fact that they are much lighter than most other indoor sports shoes is another plus and a reason why you should consider it.


Good insole cushion
Durable rubber sole
Great ventilation

Some complaints about design
Not so comfortable at the beginning

#6 Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio Ii Leather Ic Indoor Football Soccer Boots- Black/Tur.

Nike has once more made a great product. The shoes are lightweight, very durable, and comes with a perfect grip. Apart from that, the foot slides in them naturally. This one is perfect for running, passing, dribbling, and striking.

They have soft leather that acts as a magnet for that first touch of the ball, which in soccer is so important. Then there is the high-density, responsive EVA sock liner that makes them extra comfortable.


Extra comfortable
Classic Nike design and quality
Good touch

Very narrow

#7 Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

Italians have a special relationship with soccer shoes as they have a great passion for soccer. Diadora is an Italian shoe manufacturer who has been making great soccer shoes for many years now.

This model features synthetic leather uppers, EVA foam footbed, and EVA wedge midsole that can absorb incoming impacts. Then, there is the abrasion-resistant rubber outsole that can provide the best traction for all sorts of indoor surfaces.


Good price/quality ratio
Fits perfectly
Great for turf or hard surfaces

Material seem a little cheap
A little stiff when new

#8 Adidas Men’s Predator Tango 18.3 in Soccer Shoe

Much of Adidas’s tradition is part of making this excellent soccer shoe. At the same time, there is a modern touch all over it. The first thing that meets the eye is the control embossing at the very front of the shoe that enables extra ball handling. Then there is the snug sock that feels very comfortable and much like a second skin.

The outside sole is made of premium grade rubber and provides excellent traction. Furthermore, the design of the outer sole amplifies rotation, which is crucial in high-intensity games.


Unique design
Good ankle support
Very comfortable

Some complaints about poor traction and grip

#9 New Balance Men’s Audazo 2.0 Pro in Soccer Shoe

New Balance is one of the leading brands in the soccer shoe industry that have managed to produce a series of great indoor shoes. Audazo 2.0 is just one of the many excellent models offered by this renowned brand.

They come with a heel counter and a high abrasion toe cap for maximum performance and extended durability. The leather upper is synthetic and provides excellent conditions for superb ball control. Besides, it features a breathable and lightweight mono mesh that makes them even better for indoor play.


Good soft midsole
Great design
Very comfortable and durable

Not for wide feet

#10 Adidas Men’s Predator 19.4 in Sala Soccer Shoe

Adidas Predator offers all that you need for a soccer shoe. It is the perfect shoe that sets the standards that others try to follow and copy. Its meticulous stitching at the forefoot enables excellent ball control when shooting, passing, and dribbling. The mesh quarter is designed to provide extra cooling during intense soccer or futsal clashes, while the soft upper synthetic makes them extra durable.

The premium-grade synthetic sole is another part of this already excellent soccer shoe. All in all, pretty much everything is covered in the making and design of this exceptional soccer shoe. To put it, you can’t go wrong with buying a pair of Predator soccer shoes.


Lightweight and very good feel when playing
Great color selection
Very comfortable

Some complaints that they don’t fit wide feet


The indoor soccer and futsal shoes presented on our list are most sought after, as well as recommended by industry experts. Each model is here because of the feature and value they offer. Also, there is a constant stream of positive reviews for these products.

You don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of the models presented on our list. The only real difference is in the brand they got imprinted on them, the design, and their price tag. In that regard, the only authority you need to rely on is your preferences and tastes.

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